Reference Materials

Advanced Thermal Management

PU-Aerogel as reference material with low thermal conductivity values for thermal conductivity measurements

Description of material
Mechanically stable aerogel board based on polyurethane, which has a low thermal conductivity < 0.025 W/(mK). A more detailed sample description is available in the following publication. 

What will be delivered
Upon request, interested parties will receive specimens with a specific thermal conductivity value valid for these specimens with an expanded standard uncertainty for the determined thermal conductivity value. In addition, a correction formula is provided to account for ambient atmospheric pressure and temperature to allow the most accurate comparison with the supplied reference value.

The following specimen sizes can be provided:
- Appr. 350 mm x 350 mm with a board thickness of 14 mm
- Smaller specimens on request. The material is mechanically machinable.
- The reference value of the thermal conductivity of the sample is measured for one temperature point between 20 °C and 40 °C.


The reference samples are invoiced at nominal cost on a quotation basis. The costs include material, measurement and shipping costs.

Interested parties are welcome to contact us directly and specify their requirements, such as specimen size and measurement temperature.


Dr. Jochen Manara
Head of Group

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