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Topics at CAE

Existing research focuses will be supplemented by an innovation hub for hydrogen and digitalization.

Workshop on March 14th 2024 at CAE in Würzburg

Thermal Management in the Hydrogen Supply Chain – Applications and Measurement Techniques

Innovation Hub

Hydrogen technology
Hydrogen Technology
Green hydrogen technology as a key role! The Innovation Hub "Hydrogen Technology" is the central contact point at CAE for industry, research partners and the public on this focus.
Hydrogen laboratory
Hydrogen Laboratory
For questions on efficient and safe use, an intensive characterization of thermal properties as well as the exact analysis of processes in solid state as well as surface physics, the CAE is available to start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises and large companies.
Hub Digitalization in Energy Technology
Hub Digitalization in Energy Technology
The acquisition, integration and processing of energy data are implemented at CAE through the development and implementation of innovative software and hardware solutions in all research and development focus areas.

Working Groups

Climate-neutral buildings and quarters
Climate Neutral Buildings and Cities
Core competencies of the working group are analysis and development of materials and components for energy-efficient buildings, the development of systems, tests directly on the building, and monitoring with operational optimization. A new focus is the research of exterior and interior greening systems.
Smart Functional Materials
Smart Functional Materials
The development of new combinations of physical properties through nanostructuring as well as the development of new or adapted measurement methods for the reliable characterization of functional materials are the core competences of the working group.
Advanced Thermal Management
Advanced Thermal Management
Metrological characterizations and realistic simulations of thermophysical properties are key competencies of the Advanced Thermal Management working group. This enables the optimization of thermal processes as well as the development of functional materials.

Sensors for Energy and Hydrogen Technology
Sensors for Energy and Hydrogen Technology
The research group is working on innovative physical measurement systems and physics-based software models that allow feedback of the measured values to industrial processes and thus their efficient control.
Energy System Management and Technology Integration
Energy System Management and Technology Integration
The research group develops sustainable transformation concepts for the energy transition and investigates political measures and social acceptance factors. The aim is to integrate climate-neutral and energy-efficient solutions and technologies across the board.

News and Updates

News und Presse
News & Press
Here you will find current reports about our work.
A detailed listing of all publications can be found here.
Maker Space

The Guided Makerspace provides young companies with quick and unbureaucratic access to scientific machines and test benches as well as to experts in the field. The integration of a Guided Makerspace thus promotes start-ups by offering the possibility of integrative cooperation with established working groups.

The Energy Efficiency Center and the exhibition CLIMATE-ENVIRONMENT-ENERGY

Energy Efficiency Center
Energy Efficiency Center (EEC)
The Energy Efficiency Center is a research and demonstration building in one. New materials for energy saving are researched, tested and demonstrated in practice, and how the energy consumption of buildings can be reduced.
Ausstellung Klima-Umwelt-Energie
A permanent exhibition in the Energy Efficiency Center (EEC) takes a playful approach to the topics of energy, climate, ecology and resource conservation, focusing on sustainable construction, the circular economy, sustainable consumption and urban development.
Innovation Life AWARD 2020

With the innovation project "Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIP) as Super Insulation to Improve Energy Efficiency" was, at that time still under ZAE Bayern, one of the top applicants at the innovation Leben AWARD 2020. Since January 1, 2023 the work will be continued for you under the new name CAE in the usual way.