With our range of services and many years of experience, we develop best solutions for the practice

It is our mission to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the total cost of our energy system by increasing energy efficiency in buildings and industry. With our experience and knowledge, we are always open to cooperation projects and challenges to find the best solutions to problems in applied energy technology. We work on small and large projects - from materials research to field trials.

We test new ideas, develop innovative process technologies, perform system integration and evaluation, and support our partners in commercialization.
Efficient and responsible knowledge transfer takes our ideas and research results from the laboratory to application, education and the market. This enables us to shape the future and advance important research areas, attract new collaborative partners and support industry. Through education and training in our field of work, we ensure that trained scientists with practical experience carry our vision into industry. In addition, we promote the interest of young researchers in energy and efficiency-related topics.

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