Thermophysics for hydrogen technology

Green hydrogen technology plays a key role in the world's future energy system and is of outstanding importance in meeting climate targets.
Current research activities range from the production of the energy carrier, its transport and storage, to its use in the electricity, transport and industrial process sectors. This gives rise to a wide range of issues that require interdisciplinary cooperation for optimized and economical use. 

Hydrogen technologies - application-oriented research from materials and components to use in the energy system.

    Green hydrogen will play a key role in the world's future energy system. This valuable and versatile energy carrier offers a wide range of applications in many different sectors.
    As different as the applications are the challenges that every contact with the energy carrier brings with it. Hydrogen production by various methods, transport and storage as cryogenic liquid or highly compressed gas, modification (e.g. in synfuels) as well as final use (e.g. fuel cells), pose a large number of research questions in a wide range of disciplines.
    The Innovation Hub "Hydrogen Technology" at CAE is the central point of contact for industry, research partners and the public on this focus. It links the disciplines of the individual research groups at CAE and, with its interdisciplinarity, addresses the numerous questions ranging from materials research on the nanometer scale (membranes, surfaces, etc.) to materials characterization under hydrogen atmospheres and thermal management to systemic investigations in the energy system.

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Dr. Bastian Büttner  Head of Innovation Hub Hydrogen Technology
Dr. Bastian Büttner
Head of Innovation Hub Hydrogen Technology

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