Digitalisation hub in power engineering

The development and implementation of innovative software and hardware solutions is an important part of the research strategy in all CAE R&D focus areas and is coordinated by the Innovation Hub. In the CAE hub "Digitization", trend scouting is carried out, new findings in digitization are incorporated into the work of the CAE working groups at an early stage, and the innovative R&D approaches are communicated to the public, in particular to industry. 

    Due to the ever-increasing need for automation and forecasting, digitization is the keyword that runs through all areas of society. According to the BMWi's focus study "Digitalisation and Energy Efficiency 2020", this results in three potential fields of action:

    - Improving the collection, integration, processing and protection of energy data,
    - Reducing information deficits and promoting acceptance and
    - incentives through legal targets.

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Dipl.-Phys. Daniel Gerstenlauer  Head of Innovation Hub Digitalisation
Dipl.-Phys. Daniel Gerstenlauer
Head of Innovation Hub Digitalisatin

Tel.: +49 (0) 931 70564-215