Climate Neutral Buildings and Cities

  • Spectral and angle-dependent characterization of all optical properties such as transmittance, reflectance and absorptance of materials and components
  • Spectral and temperature-dependent emissivity
  • Test facade and 1:1 measurement test rooms for characterization of building components under real conditions; measurement with user influence or programmable dummies
  • Outdoor measurement stand for determining the total energy transmittance (g-value) of glazing systems
  • Indoor solar simulator for determining the total energy transmittance and thermal behavior of facade systems
  • Laboratory test stands for thermal characterization of building components and systems (e.g. with phase change materials)
  • IR camera for thermal bridge analysis, thermal quality control of heating/cooling systems and entire facades
  • Hot-box apparatus for determining the heat transfer coefficient (U-value) of windows and facade elements
  • Climatic research station for testing facade and greening systems (wall and roof), heat pipes and switchable thermal insulation
  • Dynamic building simulation, LC analyses
  • Development of project-specific measuring equipment and (outdoor) test stands
  • Mobile measurement technology (e.g. U-value sensor)