Energy System Management and Technology Integration

We model and analyze real systems with complex mechanisms of action in the energy environment. The fields of application range from single- or multi-family households and neighborhoods to industrial parks or cities.

As a competent research and implementation partner, we support with our expertise in the following topics:

  • Cross-sector decarbonization and transformation strategies,
  • Decentralized energy systems and self-generation strategies,
  •  Sustainable electrification, heat and mobility concepts,
  • Load, flexibility and storage management,
  • Innovative services and business models,
  • Acceptance and integration of technologies.

We use quantitative and/or qualitative methods to process the research and contract projects, depending on the objectives and requirements:

  • Energy system modeling and simulations,
  • Economic efficiency calculations,
  • Sustainable electrification, heat and mobility concepts,
  • Stakeholder analyses, surveys and interviews,
  • Meta-analyses and literature studies.