Smart Functional Materials

We support you with our know-how in chemical synthesis (sol-gel process), physical characterization methods and upscaling in order to solve your technological problems and develop new high-performance functional materials with you. If required, we develop customized, rapid characterization methods for the analysis and quality assurance of your material. We identify new fields of application where nanostructured functional materials provide a significantly improved performance compared to established systems.

  • Development of novel nanoporous functional materials
    (organic, inorganic, hybrid) and scalable fabrication process
  • Porous model materials
    (powders, monoliths, gradients, composites) for systematic investigations on the influence of structural parameters on target properties in applications (thermal insulation, electrical storage...)
  • Structural characterization
    - porosity (micro- and mesoporosity, pore size distribution)
    - specific surface areas (total, external)
    - particle sizes/distribution also in dispersions or other two-phase systems
    - skeletal density (He density) of the non-porous phase
    - typical appearances (visualization of the structure)
  • Thermal, mechanical and optical characterization
    - thermal conductivity; heat capacity
    - elastic modulus (also of small irregular samples)
    - UV-VIS-IR
  • Electrochemical characterization
    - specific capacitance
    - frequency dependent resistances
    - in-situ dilatometry at charge/discharge
  • Chemical composition
  • Modeling of material properties on different length scales